Shelina Moreda grew up riding motorcycles on her family’s dairy farm in Northern California. She got a dirtbike when she was 12 years old and the love for two wheels grew from there. “My dad never knew what he was starting when he made us do chores on the motorcycles, like bringing the cows in from the fields”.

She started racing 6 years ago and obtained her AMA Professional license immediately following her novice year. “I began racing motorcycles because I was raised to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. I always dreamed of being out there dicing with the guys I saw on TV, and I’m just crazy enough to turn it into a goal and chase that dream”.

Shelina races at the Pro level in the USA, China, Qatar, Japan, and Europe. She has several “firsts” to her career, including being the first female to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a motorcycle, as well as the first female team to complete any Suzuka endurance race. Most recently, the first female to race the Zhuhai International Circuit in China where she finished 3rd on the Splitlath EBR Superbike. She also finished first in the Women's Championship in Qatar in 2016.

She brings to the table branding, exposure, representation of brands as a sports model and spokesperson. She commands a high level of media attention and is growing her brand to represent her marketing partners at an even higher level beyond racing.

Shelina also runs She'z Moto Camp, an all-female motorcycle skills school that focuses on building confidence and inspiring people to build their goals.

She is featured in the new television show, Motorcycle Startup, which profiles her racing and her girl's dirtbike camps, and she is a speaker at industry shows.

Career Highlights

First Female Team to Complete any Suzuka Endurance Race
Won LARRS Qatar Women's Championship 2016
First Female to Race Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Superbike Race Zhuhai International Circuit - China
Supermoto National Ranking
First Female to Race Harley Davidson XR1200 Series
World Championship FIM ePower Series
Grand National Amateur Flattrack Women's Championship

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