These clinics will hone in on specific skills that you know you need to work on in order to progress. We all have that one thing that is holding us back, and if we could just get passed that one thing, we would be a better rider. These camps help you focus on your one thing. Mine is choosing lines. I’ve had to work really hard on this since I race at different tracks all over the world, and often my first time on the track is for qualifying for a race. So picking lines become imperative. Since I’m not naturally great at this, I’ve had to learn shortcuts. In these clinics, I will teach you my shortcuts for each particular skill set.  


At the beginning of each clinic, we will have a short discussion on important information you need for that skill set. i.e. What air pressure to use in your tires and why is it important? Or how do I get my body positioning better, and why does it feel so awkward at first?

At the end of each clinic week, we will have a riding day, open only to the students from the clinics. It will be a time to wrap all the things you’ve learned together and put everything to use.


Daily Schedule:

12:00 to 3:00 Beginners  
4:00 to 7:00 Intermediate/Advanced Riders

*Anyone taking one clinic can spectate for the rest of the day of that clinic. No video recording.


What skill do you most struggle with that would help you improve your riding?

Turning     •     Braking     •     Sliding     •     Starts     •     Passing     •     Bike set up     •     Finding the Apex     •     Choosing Lines     •     Getting on and off the Throttle     •     Shifting     •     Speed     •     Clutch-work     •     Bike Maintenance     •     Sponsorship     •     Picking up a crashed bike in different situations     •     Body Position     •     Obstacles (rocks, branches, uneven ground, mud)  •  Jump    •   Superpole    •  Race Starts     •  Doughnuts  

Let us know!



All clinics are open to Beginners, Experienced, Advanced, and Racers unless otherwise stated.

Clutch & Throttle Clinic

  • Starts  
  • Clutch-work
  • Getting on and off the Throttle

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



 Shifting & Speed Clinic

  • Shifting
  • Speed
  • Body Position

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



Apex & Choosing Lines Clinic

  • Finding the Apex
  • Choosing Lines
  • Passing

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



Breaking & Turning Clinic

  • Braking
  • Turning  
  • Sliding
  • Body Position

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



Bike Maintenance Clinic

  • Bike set up
  • Bike Maintenance

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



Obstacles Clinic

  • Picking up a crashed bike in different situations
  • Obstacles (rocks, branches, uneven ground, mud)

Date: TBA
Cost: $175



Stunt Clinic (Advanced & Racers Only)

  • Jumping
  • Doughnuts

Date: TBA
Cost: $175