Juniors Club

Our Juniors Club is just for the kids, and boys are allowed! It's a way for kids 12 and under to have fun with other kids who love to ride. It's light on drills and heavy on building their riding skills. Juniors Club members will learn motorcycle handling skills, safety, and build confidence.

This is a great way to get your kids training with other MotoKids with 3 to 4 hour sessions. All ages of females are also more than welcome to attend the weekend long She'z Moto Camps for more drills and to ride with the big girls.

Below you will find the options for Juniors up to 12 years old.

Join the Juniors Club!
- Experienced Jr riders
- If no experience, our Kickstart Program is the perfect start

Juniors Club Members!
- Experienced Jr riders

Juniors days regular price
- Experienced Jr riders

The "Big Girlz"
- Experienced riders any age
- Full weekend camp

Next Juniors Club Riding Day - September 4, 2016!

Juniors Club Membership Benefits:

   •   Multiple Juniors Club Days per year
   •   Only $125 each camp with approved membership (includes track fee)
   •   Member Package including a tshirt and swag
   •   Members receive Priority Registration when days fill up
   •   Stamp Card - do 7 days get 1 Free
   •   One Invite to our  famous “Fun Day”
   •   Discounts from our sponsors
   •   Invitation to Short Track races with the Club

See below for more details. Also check out the FAQ page for more information.
$99 Membership fee only. Each Juniors Club day purchased separately at $125 per day.