The Ride

Life is a journey. Enjoy "The Ride" with Shelina Moreda.
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No Limits

Get some inspiration from the female breaking limits on 2 wheels all over the world.

Shelina Moreda is a small town girl with a larger-than-life mentality. Raised with the mindset that she could do anything she put her mind to, she’s been smashing boundaries all over the world and making bigger goals as she goes. Born a farmer, she was never “supposed to” live in this world of racing and glamor – but like it or not, here she is. It’s her dream to inspire others to go for their dreams with passion and confidence.

Shelina Moreda standing next to her Ducati Monster SP race motorcycle

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Shaking things up.
Unafraid to ruffle feathers, shes set many “firsts” across the globe – Qatar, China, France, Japan, the USA, and more.

Shelina holding a baby Calf - John Deere article


Farmer First. She’s been raised to work hard and to care for animals. This has taught her to lead with her heart. This is her roots.


Playing in a mans world hasn’t stopped Shelina from her love for the glamorous side. Red carpet events and magazine photo shoots are all part of the fun.

Fire Animal Rescue

Shelina runs a crew that gets animals out of the path of wildfires. She believes “if you can help, then you must”. Animals cannot help themselves in these catastrophes.

Rocking the Boat

Females compete with the men in this sport, and it takes a certain type; a very confident type. Shelina likes to nurture the confidence that drives females to obtain the unobtainable.
"My camps build confidence. Here, I help people break down their own barriers, because if I can teach you to believe in yourself, then it's easy to teach you to ride a motorcycle. I am a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to in life."
Shelina Moreda
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Racing to the Top!

She’s racing at the top level in the United States, on the sexiest bikes, with the best team. Come be a part of the action!

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